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copy those files and paste them inside the file that called system in the sadx file (where all the games files are: saves and those files), it will ask you if you want to replace them with other files, just press ok. 


If any one of these mods do not work (in the upload site) just put your mouse on the link (it's writted down on the browser) (pic) and write it down on the upper part of your web browser (where you can enter sites) (pic) and it will work.

sonic adventure dx mods (wasn't made by me,NOT MY MODS)

 Super tails- MILES.PVM

 Sonic sa2 style (he has the shoes form sa2)- SONIC.PVM

 Shadow the hedgehog as sonic (includes trial)- Shadow

 Amy with grey drees and shoes- AMY.PVM

 Blue E102- E102.PVM

 Knuckles sa2 style- KNUCKLES.PVM

 Super shadow as Sonic- ssSONIC.PVM *rename as sonic.pvm (model)

 Other version of Knuckles sa2 style- KNUCKLES7.PVM *rename as Knuckles.pvm

 Hyper Knuckles- KNUCKLES8.PVM *rename as Knuckles.pvm

 Classic sonic- SONIC8.PVM *rename has Sonic.pvm

 Sonic green trail- SON_EFF7.PVM *rename as son_eff.pvm

 Sonic Black spin, jump- SON_EFF.PVM

 Ashura the hedgehog (replaces sonic)- sonic9.PVM *rename as sonic.pvm

 Rasta the hedgehog (replaces sonic)- SONIC10.PVM *rename as sonic.pvm

 Sonic with no upgrades- SONIC11.PVM *rename as sonic.pvm

 Spiderman Sonic- *rename as sonic.pvm

 Red metal Sonic-

 Silver Sonic as metal Sonic- *rename as metalsonic.pvm

 Super metal sonic- super metal Sonic *rename as metalsonic.pvm

 Sonic with soap shoes- soap shoes *rename as sonic.pvm

 Yellow Big- 

 Amy with a blue dress- AMY.PVM

 Yellow Froggy- BIG_KAERU.PVM

 Sonic covered with blue- venomSONIC.PVM *rename as sonic.pvm

 Rusty Knuckles- rusty_KNUCKLES.PVM *rename as Knuckles


 Allways night at MR garden-

 Choes Sonic- CHAOSSONIC.PVM *rename as sonic.pvm

 Rain the hedgehog- Rain.PVM *rename as sonic.pvm

 White Sonic as metal Sonic- White wierd Sonic

 Devil the hedgehog as Sonic- Devil the hedgehog.PVM *rename as sonic.pvm

 Halo the hedgehog (green sonic)- Halo.PVM *rename as sonic.pvm

 Halo the hedgehog spin/trial- HALO_EFF.PVM *rename as son_eff.pvm

 Yellow Knuckles- Sparky The Echidna.PVM *rename as knuckles.pvm

 Red Tails- Miles Flame Prower.PVM *rename as miles.pvm

 Cursed Sonic (sorta like neo metal Sonic)- *rename as supersonic.pvm or if you wanna play curses Sonic as metal Sonic rename as metalsonic.pvm.

 Nazo the hedgehog- *rename as sonic, to make this mod work you need the model which you can get here*rename as chrmodels.dll 

 Dark super Sonic- randomSONIC.PVM *rename as supersonic.pvm (model) (spin- *rename as son_eff.pvm)

 Hyper sonic- SONIC.PVM, his model- *rename as chrmodels.dll (spin- *rename as son_eff.pvm)

 Darkspin Shadow- DARKSPINE SHADOW.PVM *rename as sonic.pvm (model)

 Hyper metal Sonic- hyperMETALSONIC.PVM *rename as metalsonic.pvm

 Evil Sonic (black gloves, eyes and shoes)- evilSONIC.PVM *rename as sonic.pvm

 Pink Sonic- pinky.PVM *rename as sonic.pvm

 Hyper characters pack (E102, Knuckles, Big, Amy, Sonic)- *delete the rainbow of thier names (in case of sonic: hyper)

 Metal Ashura (green with black srips)- METALashura.PVM *rename as metalsonic.pvm

 Classic super sonic as sonic-, model-;10166694

 Blue hint ball- HINT.PVM

 Characters with no gloss-;101665

 Darkspin Sonic-, model-, trial-

 Silver the hedgehog as Sonic-, model-

 NegativeShadow (white&blue Shadow)-, model-

 Samus the hedgehog as Sonic (his orange with green gloves&eyes) -

 Dark Tails (his black&red)- Dark Tails

 Blue Knuckles- blue Knuckles

 Gray gamma-

 Super Amy-

 Hyper Shadow- (silver with even bigger strips)- Hyper Shadow *rename as sonic.pvm (model)

 Metal ignis (red&flames with blue shoes)- Metal ignis

 Green hill MR chao garden- greenhill.rar

 Some mods in rar (one of them is somekind of supershadow as sonic)- modchars.rar

 Yellow Sonic- SONICAMARELO.rar

 Metal harbor as emarled coast- Metal harbor rename metal harbor 1 has beach01.pvm, rebame metal harbor 2 has- beach02.pvm, rename bg harbor has bg_beach.pvm

 Green forest as Ice cap- Green forest rename green forest 1 as  icecap01.pvm, rename green forest as icecap02.pvm, rename green forest as icecap03.pvm, rename bg forest as bg_icecap.pvm

 Amy CD look- Amy CD look rename as amy.pvm

 Danny the hedgehog as Sonic (his yellow and has brown stripes everywhere, His eyes are purple. His stomach is like Sonic's except it has a yellow Sonic sprite in the middle. His regular shoes are black with a white stripe)- Danny the hedgehog rename as sonic.pvm

 Super Danny the hedgehog as Sonic (He is green with brown shadow stripes. His stomach is like Sonic's with a green supersonic sprite in the middle. His eyes are pink)- Super Danny the hedgehog rename as sonic.pvm

 Hyper Danny the hedgehog as Sonic (light blue with brown shadow stripes, green eyes)- Hyper Danny the hedgehog rename as sonic.pvm

 Hyper Shadic as Sonic (this is dark shadic he is dark red with blue shadow stripes and shadow chest hair and black soap shoes)- Hyper Shadic rename as sonic.pvm

 Mecha Sonic- Mecha Sonic rename as sonic.pvm

 Super Mecha Sonic- Super Mecha Sonic rename as sonic.pvm

 Hyper Mecha Sonic- Hyper Mecha Sonic rename as sonic.pvm

 BerserkSonic-  BerserkSonic rename as sonic.pvm

 Hyper pink Sonic- Hyper pink Sonic rename as sonic.pvm

 Shadow style Sonic- Shadow style Sonic rename as sonic.pvm

 Shadow style Knuckles- Shadow style Knuckles

 Naruto style Tails- Naruto style Tails rename as miles.pvm

 SymbioteSONIC as Sonic (his black)- SymbioteSONIC rename as sonic.pvm

 Spiderman Knuckles (red with stripes) - Spiderman Knuckles rename as knuckles.pvm

 Flame Tails (Tails covered with flames)- Flame Tails

 Metal overlord- Metal overlord *rename as metalsonic.pvm. (model)pic- Metal overlord

 Grey dress and shoes Amy- MJ the bat

 SpiderTails- SpiderTails rename as miles.pvm

 Giga Tails (red head green body and black eyes)- Giga Tails

 Orange sonic with blue shoes and a jacket- 

 Metal Knuckles as Knuckles- METALKNUCKLES.PVM rename as knuckles.pvm

 Other style for SADX coast-                             


 Download it                                       

 Espio as metal Sonic-                            

 Speed highway-


 Download espio as metal sonic

 Download the speed highway textures

 Espio spin

 Beach ball Sonic (pic)- Beach ball Sonic *rename as sonic.pvm and his spin- *rename as son_eff.pvm

 Super Sonic as Sonic- Super Sonic rename as sonic.pvm (model)

 Super Ashura (his green with black stripes on his head and purp shoes)- Super Ashura *rename as sonic.pvm (model)

 Super Sonic with black shoes & no eyes as Sonic- *rename as sonic.pvm (model)

 Green Hyper Sonic with SA2 shoes- rename as sonic.pvm (model)

 Icy hyper Sonic- Icy hyper Sonic *rename as sonic (model)

 Red Shadow with ripped stripes with no eyes- Red Shadow (model)

 Red super Sonic as Sonic- Red super Sonic (model)

 Azura as Sonic (his green&black with blue shoes)- Azura

 Tails Emerald coast- Tails Emerald coast 

 Hyper Shadic (his white with shadow stripes) Hyper Shadic (model) (spin)

 Perfect Nazo form 1- Perfect Nazo form 1 (model) (spin)

 Perfect Nazo form 2 - Perfect Nazo form 2 (model) (spin)

 Beachball Tails - Beachball Tails

 Other style for super Tails - super Tails *rename as miles.pvm

 White Amy with yellow dress - Amy *rename as amy.pvm

 Baby blue with white stirpes Big- Big *rename as big.pvm

 White super Sonic - 


 white super sonic *rename as super sonic

 Other style of Silver the hedgehog - Silver (model) (spin)

 Metal Silver - (pvm) (model) (spin)

 Golden sand beach -


 Downoad it

 Astral garden windy valley - 


 Download it

 Other style of Asura the hedgehog as Sonic -


 Dark Amy - 


 Marble zone replaces red mountion

 Wave ocean as Emereld beach -

 Download it 

 Old style Tails -


 Sonic 3 style - (spin)

 Green&black Sonic -

 Green hill zone as Emereld beach -

 Other style of MR chao garden green hill zone -

 sky sanctury as windy valley -

 Hydrocity zone (replaces the old jungle stage with Sonic) -

 Custom Ice cap zone -

 Choes Knuckles (green) -

 Yellow gamma -

 Yellow Amy -

 Dark super Tails -

 Green Sonic -

 (pvm) (spin)

 Lighter Sonic ball - 

 An Blue Sonic spin -

 Black Gamma-

 (pvm) (jet pack effect)

 Next gen characters effects (speed up, rings...) -

 Characters pics of life up boxes - (pic)

 Other character pics of life up boxes - (pic)

 Beach textures -


 Download beach

 Download Sonic *rename as sonic.pvm

 Maximum the hedgehog as Sonic -


 Download him

 Sonic with metalSonic eyes - *rename as sonic.pvm

 Sonic mario style - *rename as sonic.pvm

 Orange with green gloves Sonic -

 Kirby Sonic -

 Spanish Sonic -

 QuickSilver the hedgehog as Sonic and super Sonic -



 Techno the hedgehog as Sonic and super Sonic -


 Download it

 Silver Sonic as Sonic -


 Download it Download it

 Night Textured Emereld coast -

Downnload it

 Baby blue and yellow shoes Sonic -


 Download it

 Lost floating beach as Emereld coast -


 Download it

 Rainbow highway replaces Twinkle park (sonic) -


 Download the textures

 Download Sonic

 Colorful Sonic -

 Purple mouth and arms Sonic -

 White fur and gold bally Sonic -

 Custom MR -


 Tony the hedgehog as Sonic -

 Metal Shadow as metal Sonic -

 Tails with a suit -

 Tails with Sonic textures -

 White Sonic -

 Link style (Zelda) Amy -

 Brown Zero -

 Black, green and gold objects (bouns boxes & spring boards...) -

 Cameron the hedgehog as Sonic -

 Long hair Amy -

 Pink Tails -

 pink Tails.rar

 Flame Knuckles -

 Blue and Red Sonic -

 Blue and Red Sonic.rar

 Black suit Eggman -

 Classic objects -

 Blood Sonic -

 Brown Sonic with grey shoes -

 Gamma zone -

 Other style for DevilSonic -

 Red & yellow belly Sonic -

 Armor Sonic gloves -

 Yellow & black stripes Knuckles -

 Total SA 2 style pack -

 Rusty metal Sonic -


 White Sonic - 

 White Sonic     

 White and black sonic -

 Gold and blue Sonic -

 Future Sonic -

 Red objects semi - superSonic -

 Blue gloves red Sonic -



If any one of these mods do not work (in the upload site) just put your mouse on the link (it's writted down on the browser) (pic) and write it down on the upper part of your web browser (where you can enter sites) (pic) and it will work.

My sadx mods (i created them)

 Black sonic - SONIC17.PVM *rename as sonic

 Black chaos 0 - CHAOS0.PVM

 Sonic Sonic heroes style - SONIC18.PVM *rename as sonic

 Hyper Sonic- replaces Metal Sonic - *Note, you need the super sonic mod to make this mod work so download the super Sonic mod.

 Shadow- replaces Metal Sonic -

 Shadow final look - (You need the super sonic hack to play has shadow)

 Flower Green hill beach (green hill emerald coast) - Green hill beach

 Mephiles as Sonic -

 Other green hill beach -


If any one of these mods do not work (in the upload site) just put your mouse on the link (it's writted down on the browser) (pic) and write it down on the upper part of your web browser (where you can enter sites) (pic) and it will work.

Highlight: The super Sonic hack

Super Sonic - replaces Metal Sonic